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"And  upon  her  forehead  was  a  name  written,.  MYSTERY
(Rev. 17:5 KJV).

Revelation chps.17 and 18 show clearly BABYLON means Rome,
not the ancient city on the Euphrates.  If the Bible can symbolize
Babylon as a lion (Dan.7:4), and Jerusalem as Sodom  (Rev.11:8),
it can symbolize Rome as a Babylonish harlot. Symbols were used
to hide the real meaning of a word, because, in this case  (time of
John), Rome was in power, and how long do you think a book, or
the author, would last that equated Rome to that of
a "whore"?

The harlot woman is a city set on 7 hills; Rev.17:9 positively

identifies the woman as Rome [place cursor on that verse], see
the map at lower right where the old wall of Rome enclosed the
seven hills  she was built on: Aventine,  Caelian,  Capitoline,
Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal, and Viminal.  see column----->

Furthermore,  Rev.17:4,  states  "The  woman  was arrayed in
purple and scarlet color.." Interesting... the  Catholic Bishops
wear  purple, and the  Cardinals wear scarletfurthermore, the priests and even the Pope wear these same colors on certain holy days, and, at times, raise up a Golden Cup as does the harlot woman on this beast (Rev.17:4).

The woman  (false religion)  rides into the tribulation period on
the symbolic 7 headed, 10 horned, Beast (A.C.endtime kingdom).
However,  Rome does not rule with the A.C. Her long rule had
been previous, over the kings of the nations in past history.

Before continuing I would like to state that there are some true
Christians in the Catholic Church, as there are in evangelical
churches (of which I am a part of), however, In my opinion both
of these Christian denominations teach about one half of God's
truth, and the other half is  'traditions of men'  (false).  I do not
profess to know it all, but I do know what is false! I am no ones
judge, in the following I will only be stating facts of history:

Even though in the time of John the Roman Catholic Church was

not yet in existence, it is clear to historians, the "voice" of Rome
was idol worship, Babylonish in nature; from the time of the idol
Baal to the Roman gods Jupiter, Zeus, etc., then the "mothers of
heaven", Diana, Venus, etc., on down to mother Mary (present).

The "woman" (Rome) is called a harlot for what she allows to be

done in her body (Vatican City) by image worship. This woman
rides into the 70th week of Daniel
on a seven headed ten horned
beast. Since Babylon the Great (the woman, Rome) only rides

the Beast,she is not to be confused  with  the Beast  himself. Her intimacy with the Beast stems from her need for the governmental power of the Beast to assure her a monopoly on religion. Basically
 they will use each other to advance their power.

I want to make it clear that she (Rome) will not  be  the Endtime
AC kingdom, rather this harlot woman will be the personification

of false religion of all time.  And God  will  cause  the 10 horns
(kings) on the beast (AC) that she rode into power on, to turn on
her, because after the A.C. is through with this symbolic woman,
he  will  want  all  worship  to  be  directed to him,  because he
represents Satan, in the same sense that Jesus represented God

during His earthly ministry but was, in fact, God Himself from
the beginning. Very clear in John 1:1, and put it in context.  

Rev.17:4-7, __ This ancient harlot Babylon (now transferred to

Rome) from post flood to now, makes her about 4000 years old.
She has many harlot daughters,  idol worshippers,  or cults who
worship images, sun, moon, stars, animals, etc. John "wondered"
how she  (Rome)  could martyr so many around the world. This,
of course, was carried out with the help of political governments;
Caesars,  the Spanish Inquisition,  England,  France, etc.  In fact,
millions of people, who refused to recognize the authority of the
church of Rome, were killed by the papacy.

Furthermore, just recently the Catholic Church elected a "Jesuit" Pope Francis and all Jesuits have to take the following oath:  "I promise that I will make and wage war against all heretics and protestants, to extirpate them from the face of the earth; and that I will spare neither age, nor sex, and that I will hang, burn, waste, boil, flay, strangle, and bury alive those heretics; rip open their stomachs and wombs of their women, and crush their infants heads against the walls, etc....."  (google - Jesuit priest oath)

Historian W.E.H. Lecky wrote:
"The church of Rome has shed
more innocent blood than any
other institution that has ever
existed among mankind." (
and influence of rationalism in Europe, volume 2, page 32

However, to be fair ....
.... the Protestants, to a much lesser degree, have a dark past as
well. In the mid 1500's, Martin Luther broke from the Catholic
church, and a few years later, John Calvin took this a step
further in what is now called the Protestant Reformation where
several hundred Catholics were killed when they didn't conform.

Rev.17:15-16, 17-18, Tells us the ecclesiastical church system
of Rome controls nations and peoples. Rome during John's time
ruled over kings by the power of Caesars, and after that the
Catholic Popes ruled kings; a fact of history.

In conclusion, God states in Rev.18:8-9, that He is going to
destroy this great city [woman] that He again calls "Babylon" in
the next verse Rev.18:10. Today Babylon is not in existence,
God had already made it desolate in the ancient past, and said
it would be desolate (uninhabited) forever (Jer.51:61-62).God
can not destroy a city that is not there?_In John's day, Rome was
a copy of evil Babylon; the world in rebellion against God._ So in
view of this, and what I covered in the above article, the woman
(Rome) has to be the personification of Ancient Babylon as
represented by the harlot woman (i.e. false religion).


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